Travel via alternate airports

Sometimes a  cheaper way to travel isn’t from your local airport or to the airport of your destination. When we went to Toronto we flew Southwest to Buffalo instead. Airfare was cheap and renting a car and seeing Niagara Falls and then driving to Toronto was a great way to travel.  Traveling to Montreal one can fly Jet Blue to Burlington VT. Airfare is cheaper and you can drive from there to Montreal. Flying to St Thomas from Orlando International Airport was hundreds of dollars more than flying from Ft Lauderdale airport. So we hopped in our car and drove to Ft Lauderdale.

We flew to Europe by flying out of Sanford International Airport via  Icelandair to Iceland and then on to Amsterdam. This was a lower cost way to travel and less stressful at this smaller airport. Leaving and arriving back from our trip was a piece of cake and the low stress airport in Iceland was a pleasant surprise too.  So when traveling look at other airports as an alternate to your home airport and as an alternate to your destination.

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