Mani-Pedi: Prepping for Vacation

We are heading to Turks and Caicos soon and I decided I didn’t want to hit the beach with unpolished toenails and fingernails that had been beaten to a pulp during my recent trip to Trinidad. So I decided to go to Bahama Nails, a local nail salon that has a sort of tropical vibe and a mini-spa feel. I’d only been there once before but I liked the reasonable prices, the relaxed atmosphere and, most importantly, the cleanliness and professional service.

Decorated in tiki hut decor, this isn’t an upscale salon, but the service sure beats some of the more hoity-toity places I’ve been too. I was warmly greeted when I entered this storefront location and asked how I could be helped. Mid-afternoon on a week day wasn’t crowded but the place wasn’t empty either so I was happy that they could take me right away.

The pedicure came first. Seated on a raised massage chair I soaked my feet in fairly hot water – just the way I like it. I was offered a magazine to read while my feet were being not only prepped but massaged and pampered. I was also offered a complimentary soft drink. If I wanted a beer or mixed drink I could get that too for an extra charge. I was being lulled to sleep by the half leg massage and the tapping of the massage chair so I asked for a Diet Coke.

I do think the place would have more of a spa vibe or even a tropical feel if the music being piped in wasn’t that of a local radio station. Definitely not tropical nor relaxing. But the pedicure was top notch. The subsequent manicure was just as soothing and professional, complete with forearm and hand massage.

There is a separate area for clients to sit and allow their nails to dry and no one rushes you out. So how much did all this pampering cost? For the mani-pedi the total cost (with tip) was $46. A great deal for the quality of work done and the professionalism of the staff.

Now my fingers and toes are well appointed for vacation and I had a nice tropical prelude to my upcoming trip.


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